Monday, February 3, 2014

Blog of a wanna-be Bombshell

Someone once told me that a Bombshell is a Diva without the drama. It stuck with me. I love the "Look your best" attitude of the bombshells from years gone by. What stands out most to me is the fearless nature of a bombshell. Her ability to be confident in outfits that stand out from the every day. What you wear from your makeup, to hair, to clothes, to jewelry can completely change your attitude and outlook on the day. 

I have always loved fashion as a way to express myself. When I was three, my poor Mom spent hours scouring the racks for the perfect ruffled dress for me to wear on Easter. She found a beautiful dress and was surprised to see it again so soon as she watched it fly away, down the freeway, in her rear view mirror. My three year old, Diva-prone self, had thrown the dress out the window because "It wasn't fancy enough". The Diva, that I have worked hard to transform into a wanna-be Bombshell, reared it's dramatically fabulous head young. In stark contrast to that, I was a Tomboy. My Mom spent years putting shoes back ON my feet, and getting me to climb down OFF of trees, rocks, the refrigerator; pretty much anything I could get a good grip on . In all my Diva-Tomboy glory, I was someone who knew what I wanted to wear and how I wanted to live my life; lace dress up in the tree and all.

That's where the broke comes in.

Good fashion (insert dreamy sigh here) is not cheap. I have stacks of magazines filled with all kinds of goodies that are just outside of my reach - in the way the moon is just outside my window. Without fail, I will glance across a page and my eye will stop on only one item. Looking down at the small print, I find that not only is the price a moons distance away from my budget, but my precious bag is the only item on the page that found itself on the last mission to budgetary Mars. Looking at such expensive things brings back the Diva-Tomboy that wants everything to be possible. She believes that wanting to look good shouldn't keep me from enjoying my life. That's when the Diva-Tomboy transforms into a bargain hunter. I've found it's the best way to have a blast with your sense of style and still be able to afford to go out in the clothes you bought. Style isn't nearly as fun when it only lives in the closet because you don't have the money to go anywhere. Let your clothes serve you and enhance your life. Not the other way around. As the Tomboy inside me would say, "When it's not too expensive, you're not afraid to climb trees in it".

That's the goal of this blog. To show you some of the tricks I have found to loving the way you look, without breaking the bank. I also want to show you some of the style ideas that I like, and what I think works about them. Not everything will be cheap, but will be cheaper than buying full price. Some things will not be exactly the thing I wanted, but that piece of clothing's cheaper nerdy twin that only needs a little creative tweaking. This is my first time blogging, so it will be an adventure. I have no delusions of being a great blogger or a great stylist. Just looking forward to sharing with you.


A Wanna-be Bombshell

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